In home massage is perfect for those who prefer the comfort of home. Would you prefer in home massage? Do you have a parent residing in an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing facility who has continual aches and pains? Are you are looking for a natural method to relieve this soreness? Look no further than our In-Home Geriatric Certified Massage Therapist Marcia Ritter.  Massage Therapy is one of the best forms of relief for all ages. If you suffer from fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, sciatic pain, general aches and pains, or an elderly adult trying to maintain flexibility then a therapy Marcia offers can lead you to healing. 

marcia massage therapy

About Marcia L. Ritter

What lead Marcia to massage therapy?

Marcia became her mother’s caregiver when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her mother grew physically weaker, which caused Marcia to grow stronger spiritually. She begged for healing and an end to her mother’s suffering. Her mother passed giving her mother ultimate healing and relief. Marcia worked through the pain of losing her mother, devoting herself to healing practices. Marcia answered the call again to care for her father in much the same way. These experiences drove her to the healing power of Reiki. Through Reiki, she found massage therapy. Her skills and passion grew with these discoveries to include reflexology, yoga, and spirituality. By continuing her studies, Marcia continues her journey on the path of healing and shares her knowledge with those around her.


Marcia Ritter has been a Massage therapist since 2006. She has been a PA licensed massage therapist since 2013. Marcia completed level one of the geriatric massage course offered through the DayBreak Geriatric Massage Institute Fall 2017 to better service our clients.  She has been practicing Reiki since 2000 as a Certified Reiki Master through Allegheny General Hospital, providing Reiki to patients. Marcia has been a professional member in good standing of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals since 2010. All members of this organization strictly adhere to the ABMP Code of Ethics maintaining the highest professional conduct. She achieved her Yoga Instructor Certification at the Himalayan Institute in 2011 as well as a certification as a Spiritual Director at the Center for Spiritual Formation in 2005.

Marcia's practice

A session with Marcia is unlikely any other. Her passion for others, understanding nature, and welcoming personality bring the ultimate sense of comfort to all her clients. Marcia believes in excellent service and true healing through the methods of massage therapy, Reiki, yoga, reflexology, and spirit direction. She forms deep personal connections with all her clients, dedicating herself to help heal through any means she can. These connections are important when you are coming in for a full body massage. You will find yourself in a vulnerable situation but Marcia can put you at ease.

Marcia has maintained her private practice business for over a decade founded on referrals and word of mouth. She has been able to capture the attention of many individuals throughout her life and career building a loyal and consistent client base. She is continually working to expand her potential and has chosen to do so by joining with Holistic Aging and expanding her range of care.

About Massage Therapy and other services

Everything in Marcia’s repertoire of skills is about healing. Healing from disease, emotional and spiritual pain, working to get your endocrine system flowing, improving your flexibility, and removing energetic obstacles. As a concierge healer, Marcia has the intuitive abilities to lead your body to a place of healing.

Deep Tissue Massage: Trigger Point, or Neuromuscular Massage – Generally, these massages is used for chronic aches and pains as well as muscle strain and spasms. These massages usually focused on a specific problem area and are more therapeutic. The difference between them is the intensity, which can be customized by Marcia according to your needs.

Relaxation Massage:This is usually used for those who simply want to unwind from a tough week or stressful situation. There is less pressure and intensity.

Reiki and Chakra Balancing: A Reiki or Chakra balancing session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. This helps your body restore natural energy flow and consequently reconnect to oneself.

Reflexology: This is used once again to balance the energy of the body specifically through one’s extremities. Each area of the body corresponds to an area on the feet or hands. In this treatment, these areas are utilized.

YogaYoga is a holistic practice combining physical poses (asana) with mindfulness, breathing techniques, and meditation. The combination of these practices promotes functional mobility, self discovery and helps rebalance the nervous system. Marcia customizes her session to meet your personal needs.

You can choose one of these methods or request a combination – Marcia can customize your personal needs to your session.

Not sure what treatment you need? Call us at (412)486-6677.

What to Expect:

Initial Appointment:

Marcia will arrive at your place of residence 10 minutes prior to the appointment to set up and review your intake form.

Upon start time Marcia will take some time to discuss your outstanding issues and what you hope to get out of your appointment.


For follow up appointments,Marcia may have you will fill out a brief update sheet to cover all your areas of concern.

Marcia recommends being well hydrated prior to the appointment. 

If you are ill, such as having the flu or a cold, DO NOT schedule a treatment. If you become ill before your scheduled appointment time please CANCEL or RESCHEDULE by calling us at (412)486-6677. Not only will a massage be detrimental to you while you are ill, you will risk exposing Marcia. This also applies to any contagious conditions such as poison ivy.  If you have questions or concerns, please, let us know.

Fees including travel time within a 10 mile radius of our office, transport and set up of Marcia's massage table. 


Deep Tissue Massage

  • 1 hr – $120
  • 1 1/2 hr- $160

Trigger Point (Neuromuscular) Massage

  • 1 hr – $120
  • 1 1/2 hr – $160

Relaxation Massage 

  • 1 hr – $110
  • 1 1/2 hr – $145


  • $110

      Chakra balancing

      • $110


      • $110

      Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Orange) added to the massage:

      • $10 extra/treatment

      Private Yoga Session

      • 1 hr – $140

      *additional fee of $30/session if invoicing is requested thru Holistic Aging 

      Cancellations of appointments must be made at least 24-hours before scheduled time or you will be charged. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

      Available appointment times vary.

      Call our office at (412)486-6677 to schedule your appointment.

      Please print the massage intake form below before your first scheduled appointment and return it to prior to your appointment. 

      Intake Form