Exploring Past Lives Using Shamanic Techniques Workshop

Exploring Past Lives Using Shamanic Techniques Workshop | Holistic Aging
What does your past have to do with your present?

Workshop Announcement!  Exploring Past Lives Using Shamanic Techniques Workshop will be held on Sunday, April 3rd, from 1 – 5 PM.


Rebekah Gamble, HP, has studied shamanic practice, meditative therapies including past life regression, and many similar practices for many years. One day, a mentor of hers made a comment that in a way, past life work was like journeying to middle world. She happened to also be finishing a degree in metaphysical sciences at the University of Metaphysical Sciences at the time, where reincarnation studies and hypnotherapy were offered. Rebekah was curious about that thought, and started playing with the different forms of past life regression she had developed with her own self-healing work and combining it with shamanic methods she was using for soul retrieval work. Over time, these curiosities combined with her studies at UMS led to developing several new methods to perform past life regression.
For the past two years, Rebekah has been testing her theories and practices on volunteers in both academic settings, with volunteer clients at her clinical practice, and with personal friends. She has had great success teaching people how to do their own past life regression work using shamanic methods, even over a distance and in small groups. She’s finally ready to present the techniques in a workshop format so you can enjoy the experience and take control of your own healing.

This workshop will include a general discussion of reincarnation, the soul from the perspective of indigenous people as well as science and pop culture, and reincarnation theories from around the world. We will also discuss scientific evidence and case studies that suggest reincarnation as a plausible possibility and other explanations for these experiences besides reincarnation before actually doing the regression exercises.

We will do several regressions with the intent of you being able to experience a method you can recreate on your own. We will also show how this process can be applied to self healing, exploring and healing relationships, and healing fears.

For the regressions, we will do the exercises, then have some quiet time where you can journal and process. After this, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences.

This is the first time this has ever been presented. Spaces are limited to TEN participants. Cost of the workshop is $40 at the door, $35 pre-paid.  We encourage prepaying for this event to guarantee your space, but caution that refunds will only be provided should the host cancel the event.

What are folks saying about their experiences with the new methods?

“So much of my life makes sense now. I don’t have to be afraid of me anymore.” -M.K., 2015

“I’ve always had this obsession with certain things. Now it makes sense, and now I know how to overcome it, thanks to your training.” -K.C., 2016

“Thank you so much. My marriage is so much better now, and I’ve stopped sabotaging both of us. I feel so much safer, I can’t express what this has done for us.” -S.S., 2015

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