Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner as a Family

Thanksgiving brings thoughts of families being together and being thankful for our loved ones. Of course, this holiday is also known for a big feast to share! While we all have traditions that come out during the holidays, this year I recommend adding this one to your list. Get your family to spend more quality time together by cooking together.

Benefits of Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner as a Family:

dinnerCooking in a group can help you renew your interest in eating new and healthy foods. At the same time, it teaches lessons on completing tasks and achieving goals. Cooking together can also teach children new skills they will carry with them throughout their lifetimes. Knowing how to cook and what foods hold the best nutrition will keep your children healthy as they grow into a adults and pass that information on to their children.

Among other things, cooking together is a great confidence builder to both children and seniors. As a family, we can offer support to each other by learning new recipes or remembering recipes used in the past. Even in some cases when things don’t turn out like we hope, there is an opportunity to learn problem solving skills and the value of perseverance.

Delving into the culinary arts as a family is an new opportunity to interact with one another and share family stories. It is a wonderful way to create vivid memories and new traditions that keeps us happy and healthy.

Tips on Cooking Together:

So you’re on board for this new family tradition but how do you even begin? Below are some helpful tips to get you started. Make this time unique to your family and their skills. Let the creativity flow!

1. Choose Recipes and Make Decisions as a Team

When everyone gets the opportunity to make a decision, the more invested they become in the end result. Get them motivated to work toward a goal, even if its different than what you pictured for a Thanksgiving meal. If your family is a little less creative, feel free to make a complied list of Thanksgiving foods and then hash out what each of you want to see at the table by going through that list.


2. Give Everyone a Specific Taskpeople-woman-coffee-meeting

Does your family work better in teams or as individuals? Maybe a mix of both? Find what works best for your family. Make sure everyone has a role to play and they aren’t being over looked.


3. Read Recipes Beforehand

Make sure you know what your getting yourself into before you start! If you’re planning on a new recipe this year, make sure you know all the steps involved. This should always be a part of your prep to make sure you have enough time and everything is ready to eat all together.


family-baby-cook4. Safety First

Make sure you keep safety in mind before bringing everyone in the Kitchen. Those that haven’t cooked before like children, might not know what to expect or how to use some appliances.  Talk about hot burners, ovens, sharp knives and hot oils. Be sure to demonstrate good hand washing when working with food.


5. Have Fun!

Wear costumes, play music, sing or dance. Be creative with your food and make clean up enjoyable. Give your cooking time some flair to keep everyone interested and involved by adding trivia or games. Make some cards with silly topics or quick activities to keep up the positive vibes. Find something that works with your family and helps create a good mood.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate everything we are thankful for through family traditions and good food. It is a celebration of our gratitude and love for one another.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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