When It’s Not Dementia

Family members are understandably concerned when their aging parent begins experiencing memory loss or confusion. Their first thought may be that their parent has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. Is it Dementia? There are several physical conditions that could be associated with the same symptoms. These include thyroid disease, nutritional deficiencies, adverse reactions to … Continued

An Interview with Denise Cella RN MS Life Care Manager

We recently sat down with Holistic Aging – Options for Elder Cares’ newest Life Care Manager, Denise Cella RN MS.       Describe your background and area of expertise. I have been a RN for over thirty-five years so have a significant variety of varying nursing experience that really helps with making decisions as a … Continued

Acupuncture is a Pain-Eliminating Superstar

  In 1971, a New York Times journalist named James Reston accompanied Henry Kissinger to China.  During the trip, Reston became ill, and underwent an emergency appendectomy.  After his surgery, the Chinese doctors performed acupuncture to relieve the pain. Reston was so astonished by his pain relief that he wrote about his experience in the … Continued