8 Ways to Stay in Control of Your Health

When the body systems are working in harmony, the person experiences health. The foundation of Chinese Medicine is based on helping the body to achieve and maintain balance.  The human body is nothing short of miraculous in its ability to mend itself, but it sometimes gets stuck and needs some assistance.  Although acupuncture and other holistic treatments can “remind” the body how to function properly, a healthy physical body is only part of the wellness equation. Body, mind and spirit are all necessary to our overall quality of life.  Even if you are experiencing challenges with your physical health, there are a factors within your control that can improve your overall wellness in life.


1. Physicalhealth-running

When people in the western world think of health this is immediately what comes to mind.  Good nutrition, physical activity, getting enough sleep, exercising moderation with tobacco, sugar, etc. These are all important to our well being but, like it was mentioned before, only a piece of the puzzle in your overall health.


team-386673_12802. Social

Establishing and maintaining relationships and connecting with others. Building relationships is a huge part of our health. Humans are social creatures and need these relationships to thrive. Even introverts need to get out and mingle every once in a while.


3. Environmentalnature-1547302_1920

Creating and living in a space that promotes positive wellbeing. When it comes to our personal health this is not something we usually think of. Changes in our environment have a huge impact on us. Think about cleaning a dirty house and how calming the rooms are when you finish. This is one simple way of creating a positive environment but there are many more ways to create positivity in a space.


read-1564105_19204. Intellectual

Being open to new ideas, learning new concepts and skills. With an open mind comes flexibility. That ability to react and change direction is part of why humanity has not only survived but thrived. Excercizing our minds with new activities and games keeps our brains healthy. The healthier our brain the better off we will be in the future as we age.


5. Emotionalbaby-443393_1920

The ability to acknowledge, understand and cope with feelings in a productive manner. Of course this is sometimes better said than done but knowing your emotional needs and how to handle different situations is important to your overall health. A negative emotional state can bring down all the other aspects in this list. Pay attention to yourself. Don’t put your feelings and emotions last because they’ll end up biting you in the butt.


sky-1494656_19206. Spiritual

Finding a sense of purpose and meaning to life. When we find ourselves lost as we navigate the realities of the world, many of us search for this very thing. The truth is that our purpose and the meaning of our lives might be simpler and closer than we expect.


7. Occupationalbusinessman-1492563_1920

Satisfaction and personal fulfillment from our chosen career fields. A bad job or career choice can haunt anyone. Sometimes, though it might be financially scary, its better to bite the bullet and leave before it drags you down. A bad job could end up even worse if you struggle through and stay. It could hurt your confidence and make it harder to find a better fit if you let it.


wallet-1326017_19208. Financial

Effectively managing financial behavior and outcomes. When if comes to finances, its best to have a plan. Save when you can and budget in some money for fun as well. Adding that to the budget can help relieve the stress you feel when you find something you want and keep you from over spending on a whim.


These multidimensional components of wellness overlap and intertwine to impact a satisfying, productive life. Each of these aspects can be challenging in different ways.  If you’re having trouble finding balance, give us a call!  We will be happy to guide you back to wellness.

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