Family Caregivers: the ‘Invisible Workforce’

A recent study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health calls family and unpaid caregivers the “invisible workforce” of the health care system. Released in the Feb. 15 JAMA Internal Medicine,  the study examined how caregivers’ involvement in older adults’ health care activities relates to caregiving responsibilities, supportive services use, and caregiving-related effects. Aging Life … Continued

Tips for Moving Aging Parents

Whether your aging loved one comes to the decision themselves or if care needs make it a necessity,moving aging parents from their home is a difficult decision. An Aging Life Care Professional™ can help determine the best housing options and a professional move manager can help make the process easier.     Moving Can Be a … Continued

Is it OK to Lie to My Aging Parents?

From our earliest days we are taught never to lie, especially never to our mother or father. However, a survey of Aging Life Care™ experts reveals that telling a “fiblet” can actually be therapeutic when adult children are faced with telling painful truths to aging parents with a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease.   … Continued

What is Inflammation Anyway?

When I think medical buzzwords, ‘Inflammation’ is at the top of my list.  I read about it constantly as new discoveries and information are always forthcoming.  I have also worked to get my inflammation levels down, and have helped others successfully gain control over their inflammatory issues.  But…. what is inflammation anyway – and why … Continued

Taming Chronic Pain

Let’s examine why taming chronic pain with natural methods needs to be a national priority.In 2014, prescription opioid pain relievers killed about 19,000 people, up more than threefold since 2001. I found it especially daunting that an opioid manufacturer ran a commercial promoting the usage for pain, under the disguise of warning of the side … Continued

Acupuncture is a Pain-Eliminating Superstar

In 1971, a New York Times journalist named James Reston accompanied Henry Kissinger to China.  During the trip, Reston became ill, and underwent an emergency appendectomy.  After his surgery, the Chinese doctors performed acupuncture to relieve the pain. Reston was so astonished by his pain relief that he wrote about his experience in the NY … Continued

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Aging Adult

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) affect not only professional athletes, but also many older adults as a result of a fall or auto accident, says a recent survey of Aging Life Care Professionals™. Advocacy on the client’s behalf is identified as the most needed strategy in helping families overcome the huge adjustments in daily life. Traumatic … Continued

Aging In Place? How to Plan for the Care You Need at Home

In this free eBook from the Aging Life Care Association™, you will learn how you can plan for and get the care you need at home. Planning for the Care You Need at Home also shows you how to work with your family to ensure your choices and wishes are supported. Planning for the Care … Continued

How to Overcome the Fear and Anxiety of Getting Old

Fear? Anxiety? These words identify the feelings a lot of people have when they think about getting old. Oddly enough, “getting old” is not an easily defined status. As each year goes by, you actually don’t think of yourself as “old.” Take it from me, I turned 70 just a few months ago! By Phyllis … Continued

Coping With Grief and Loss

Though we all know death and the loss of loved ones is a reality of getting older, it doesn’t mean that it gets any easier for those grieving a loss. Individuals will cope with grief and loss in different ways and in different timeframes. Offering support during these difficult life changes can help your loved … Continued