Supporting The Caregiver

  In 1999, I fulfilled my 2nd grade promise to take care of my Mom if she ever got sick. From personal experience, Supporting The Caregiver is as important as providing the personal care yourself. When I talk about that ‘time’ to anyone I generally say it was the worst but also the most precious … Continued

What is Aging Life Care?

Overwhelmed by the choices and decisions involved with caring for an aging loved one? Hit with an emergency and don’t know where to start? Or do you want to  plan for your own senior years and make your own decisions? No matter your individual situation or preferences, Aging Life Care Professionals™ offer a client-centered approach to … Continued

Should You Be Using Social Media To Advocate For Seniors?

    The question before you is:  Should You Be Using Social Media To Advocate For Seniors?   I just read the article: Advocating for Aging Services in a Digital World by Julie Sweetland, featured on the American Society for Aging website. She’s right.  We need to change both attitudes and perspectives, and social media both … Continued

Top Tips to Help Aging Adults Get Ready for Winter Storms

With winter bearing down on much of the country, severe weather — snow, freezing temperatures, ice,  or heavy rains — greatly impacts the safety and well-being of the elderly. Here are some tips from the experts in aging well, Aging Life Care Association™ to help aging adults get ready for winter weather. Before a Storm Stay … Continued

Who Can Help My Aging Neighbor?

Worried about the well-being of your aging neighbor? It doesn’t matter whether you live in a city condominium or in a planned suburban neighborhood, if you have concerns about the safety or health of an aging neighbor an Aging Life Care Professional™ can help.  While this article takes a look at dealing with aging residents … Continued

Top Tips for Medication Management for Seniors

Multiple doctors, multiple medications, multiple pharmacies…all a common reality for many aging adults. But when medications are not managed properly, they can cause more damage than good.  Here are some top tips for medication management for seniors from an Aging Life Care Professional™.  Proper Medication Management Can Reduce Problems that Plague Seniors by Bunni Dybnis, … Continued

Reflexology – A Step in the Right Direction

Reflexology – A Step in the Right Direction You may be new to learning about reflexology, but it’s been around for centuries.  Reflexology is thought to have been developed by Ancient Egyptians, then it trekked its way to China via the Roman Empire. Hieroglyphics found in the Saqqara Egyptian tomb of a physician translate as: … Continued

4 Steps to Getting Rid of Junk Mail

A great way to help an aging loved one get rid of clutter is to help them control the amount of junk mail that floods their mailbox. Especially after the holidays and end-of-year solicitations, the pile could be hiding important bills or notices. Assisting with the mail also gives you an opportunity to look for … Continued